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What Is Specialty Wiring?

Many homeowners find themselves wondering what kind of wiring their home needs. For some, the concept of “specialty wiring” is out of their normal wheelhouse.

Specialty wiring is for things that aren’t in every home, for things such as hot tubs, swimming pools, marinas, docks, fountains, and even aluminum wiring.

Gulf Coast Electric can handle all sorts of specialty wiring services in Florida. When getting special wiring done, safety is of the utmost importance. Even after having a professional install specialty wiring to your home, homeowners will want to check that it has been installed properly.

Keep reading to learn more about different kinds of specialty wiring and their needed maintenance points.

Pool and Hot Tub Wiring

Pools are a great addition to the house, especially in the summers. Whether it’s to keep the kids busy and away from their phones in the summer, or for relaxing in the evening sun after a long day of work. Or it’s starting to get a little chilly and you want to opt for using the hot tub.

Even if you have a new pool or an old pool, it’s important to have safely configured wiring and to get it inspected periodically. Electricity and wiring do not mix well with water so it can be very dangerous. If the wiring isn’t done right, it could put you and your family at risk of injuries or death. You can trust electrical contractors like Gulf Coast Electric to safely install and monitor your pool’s wiring to make sure everything is working. From your pool’s pump to lights, we’ve got you covered.

Fountain Wiring

An outdoor fountain can add elegance and style to any landscape. But it requires pump wires that are not as beautiful. And because a fountain has water, it requires a GFCI (Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter). Your city’s building code might require you to hire a professional to install GFCI and handle the wiring for your fountain.

Aluminum Wiring Services

Many homes that were built between the mid-60s to the mid-70s have aluminum wiring. That wiring might have been installed incorrectly, suffered a lack of maintenance over the years, or uses improper materials. These issues, such as wiring damage, can be dangerous and can cause a house fire. If your home uses aluminum wires, it’s important to have them inspected regularly and maintained properly to lower your risk of expensive repairs later on.

Docks and Marinas

For many, swimming and boating are key activities in the summer months. But, there are electrical hazards that can go with that fun. If your dock has electrical lighting, or an automated lift for your boat, chances are that this wiring is experiencing additional wear-and-tear from the weather surrounding it. Before hitting the water this season, make sure to have your wiring professionally inspected to reduce the chances of something going wrong in the midst of your summer fun.

Bucket Truck Services

Need electrical services that are too high to reach? Luckily, Gulf Coast Electric offers bucket truck services. Whether it’s to fix parking lot lights or outdoor signs, Gulf Coast Electric can reach it and get it done well.

The National Electric Code

The National Electrical Code (NEC) used to require GFCI protection for cord and plug-connected pumps on pools, spas, and hot tubs. And it required 120-volt underwater lighting fixtures and receptacle outlets in the vicinity of pools, spas, and hot tubs. Now, the code prohibits electrical installations closer than five feet from the water. It also requires GFCI protection for all electrical equipment, including 240-volt equipment located five to 10 feet from the water and for receptacles within a 20-foot perimeter.

A GFCI monitors the flow of currents through a protected lighting fixture, pump motor, or appliance circuit. It senses any loss of current to an outside path. If the current flowing into an electrical appliance or fixture differs by a small amount from what flows back out, the GFCI will interrupt the current flow to prevent a lethal level of electricity from reaching the consumer. The consumer may feel a painful shock but should be protected from electrocution.

Trust Gulf Coast Electric with your Specialty Wiring

At Gulf Coast Electric we specialize in worry-free electrical services. Don’t risk electrical challenges ruining your summer fun this year and get started with your journey to safe electricity today. Book your appointment now!