Questions Your Electrician Should Be Able To Answer – Are they licensed?

A licensed electrician will have had coursework and on-the-job training. It is important to verify that your electrician is licensed to reduce safety risks and get the quality service you deserve. Taking the time to research, ask questions and verify the ability of your electrician is essential for safety, financial security and quality service.

Questions for your Electrician

1) Contractor vs Individual

Electricians work for either a contractor or as an individual. While individuals can certainly be just as qualified, contractors require that all work meets code requirements. So, unless you know for certain an individual electrician meets code requirements on their own accord, a contractor electrician is a safer bet.

2) Ask About Company Information

Start out by asking about a website or looking online for a legitimate web presence. Question whether the company has insurance, as well. You don’t want to be held responsible for any injuries or mishaps. Ask about rates, also. Does the company give the full cost up front or require hourly pay? The latter could cost more than you’re prepared to pay.

In addition, ask about guarantees. Will the company fix any mistakes that are revealed later in time? A licensed, qualified electrician should be able to answer these questions in detail.

3) Ask About Codes and Permits

Code requirements are updated every three years. Be sure to do some research on code requirements for your area. Ask the electrician about codes and permits to determine whether he has a full understanding of the requirements for your home.

With research and prepared questions, you can feel secure in making a decision about a professional hired to do electrical work in your home. Licensed electricians will provide quality work that follows code requirements and takes the safety of your home and family into consideration. For more information about your electrical system or electricians in the area, call or visit Gulf Coast Electric.

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