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Electrical Services

As a full-service electrical contractor, we are fully licensed and managed by masters in the field. Serving Northwest Florida since 1980, we handle a wide variety of jobs including Residential Electric Services, Commercial Electric Services, 24/7 Emergency Electrical. Electrical System Maintenance, Electrical Inspections and Specialty Wiring.

Residential Electric Services

Gulf Coast Electric is here for all of your home electrical needs. From general jobs like electrical outlet repair to more complex like electric installation you can count on us. We offer our customers 50 Point Home Inspection to new homeowners that is sure to give you peace of mind. Along with our installation and repair services we offer electrical panel upgrades, home lighting design, whole house surge protection, specialty wiring for pools and spas, electrical maintenance services, dock and marina services and bucket truck services.

Commercial Electric Services

As a Commercial Electrical Services provider we have secured millions in commercial contracts including all local Publix Supermarkets and the City of Destin Electrical maintenance Contract. We offer electrical system maintenance, general commercial electrical services, electrical panel upgrades, power consumption meters, generator installation and maintenance, commercial specialty lighting and surge protection.

24/7 Emergency Electrical

Electrical emergencies can happen at any time and we know they shouldn’t wait to be addressed. We offer on-call, round the clock service for electrical sparks, power outages, bad wiring and appliance malfunctions. When you have an electrical emergency you can expect our professional technicians to keep you safe.

Electrical System Maintenance

We understand that it is more cost efficient for our clients to keep electrical systems working instead of having to replace them. Keeping systems up to date and well maintained is the key to system longevity. We offer electrical maintenance services in electrical wiring, lighting fixtures, bucket truck and dock/marina services lighting fixtures, code compliance and more.

Electrical Inspections

Our technicians check the state of your electrical system in compliance with current safety codes to look for any risk that may exist as a result of faulty wiring, circuit breakers, panels and more. Protect your home or business with our complete post inspection report.

Specialty Wiring

Let our electricians ease your mind with our specialty wiring services. When it comes to electrical wiring pools, spas, hot tubs and fountains we know what needs to be considered. Our electricians work within the rules of local code to ensure continued safety. We also offer aluminum wiring services for homes build from the mid-60s to mid-70s that often have issues linked to improper installation, lack of maintenance or incompatible materials.

Surge Protection

Surge issues are often a result of thunderstorms but power surges can also be the result of less noticeable causes. According to the Nema Surge Protection Institute, 60% to 80% of power surges are the result of appliances inside the home.  Gulf Coast Electric offers Whole House Surge Protection installation at an affordable price.

Whatever your electrical need, contact us to schedule your assessment or inspection today.