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How To Check For Bad Wiring In Your Home

Faulty wiring is a serious safety issue. It’s one of the leading causes of fires in the United States. Starting a house fire is the worst effect faulty wiring can have, but there are many smaller problems stemming from bad wiring. Do you know the signs of faulty wiring in your home?

What Issues Can Faulty Wiring Cause?

The serious issues faulty wiring can cause include:

  • Fire
  • Electrocution
  • A short circuit

When electrical wires in your home are damaged, fraying or cracking, they can’t do their job, which is conducting electricity safely. Although the wires may continue to work for a while, a fire could break out at any time. It’s very risky to ignore faulty wiring.

We all love a good DIY session, however, this isn’t the time for it. If you try to fix the wiring yourself, you may get electrocuted. There are varying degrees of electrocution, from a minor discomforting shock to a major incident that could kill you. It’s not worth it to DIY this kind of problem. Call the experts—they’ve been trained for this!

When too much electrical current comes through inadequate or improperly installed wiring, you may have a short circuit. This can cause blackouts in your home, serious damage to your electrical system and even a fire or a small explosion.

You don’t want to mess around with electrical wiring, and thankfully you don’t have to. Make a quick call to Gulf Coast Electric and we will get one of our trusted electricians out to your home as soon as possible! 

Faulty Wiring Also Can Cause These Smaller Issues:

  • Dimming and/or flickering lights
  • Light switches that are hot to your touch
  • Electrical outlets that sometimes give small shocks
  • Breakers and/or fuses blowing

What Are The Signs Of Faulty Wiring?

The good news here is that bad wiring usually has clear and unmistakable signs. The smaller issues list above include some of them. Other signs are your switch plates and outlet covers getting even slightly blackened, or a burning smell. If you smell something burning, call Gulf Coast Electric right away, as that is a sign that something could be seriously wrong.

If lights in your home flicker or dim, if you get shocks from an outlet or if you have to flip breakers often, give an electrician a call. None of that should be happening. It’s a sign your wiring needs a look by an electrical services professional!

How Can You Make Sure Your Home Has Electrical Safety?

Now that we’ve covered the signs that something is wrong, how can you make sure that everything is in order with your wiring? Can you get ahead of any possible issues?

Yes, absolutely. A licensed electrician can examine your wiring and find any issues that could present a larger problem later. This can save homeowners a lot of money by fixing the problem while it’s still small and inexpensive to handle.

A licensed electrician can also identify if your home is up to the current building codes and safety standards. If your home is older, your wiring may need work to bring it up to code for the latest safety standards. This isn’t just red tape—these standards are created to keep you safe.

Safety First!

Electricity is one of the greatest modern inventions, but don’t ever take it for granted. Save the DIY projects for painting or installing new flooring. Wiring requires a skilled and licensed electrician to test and solve any issues. Contact us today at Gulf Coast Electric to make sure your home has perfect wire safety!