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Do You Need An Electrician To Replace Your Light Fixtures?

Some homeowners jump at the chance to renovate and replace items; others are filled with dread at the thought. Many people will take their needs and turn them into a DIY project no matter which side they land on. Painting a room or replacing shower tiles yourself can be a great personal project. However, some things just can’t be DIY’d. The Gulf Coast Electrical team is here to tell you that installing new light fixtures in your Florida home is one of those things.

It is our job to make replacing electrical items in your home, like light fixtures, look effortless, but the reality is that electrical needs in your home will always range in complexity. Without an expert eye, it is easy for things to go south very quickly. Electrical malfunctions can be the leading cause of electrical fires. And electrical fires will turn what could have been an otherwise affordable job into an expensive disaster.

That’s why you should hire an expert electrician to get the job done. Read below to find out why hiring an expert is worth it.

Your Safety Matters

According to the U.S. Fire Administration, electrical malfunctions account for almost 7% of electrical fires. Homeowners can do many things to avoid this, like replacing aged appliances, but taking on a professional electrician to take care of all your wiring needs is a preventive measure.

It’s Not As Simple As It Looks

Wiring in your home is already a complex matter. Installing new light fixtures can become even more complicated when you find yourself needing to add new wires to your already existing connections. Many people don’t expect to deal with different types of cables, switch boxes or rewiring. So, it is always better when left in the hands of a pro.

You May Run Into More Issues

You could start out thinking you are only changing a light fixture and quickly realize more work needs to be done. Navigating damaged wires or even getting to the end of your project and realizing the lights still flicker may leave you frustrated. Experts have an easier time identifying what issues are present and have the equipment to deliver a solution. Save yourself time by finding a professional that is equipped with all you need to get the job done.

Light fixtures may not be the only thing you need an electrician for. Here are some common needs that an electrician can help you with:

  • Replacing wiring
  • Repairing circuit breakers
  • Installing outdoor lighting
  • Installing new outlets

Find An Expert

Unless you have extensive electrical experience, you should always hire a professional to meet your needs. It doesn’t matter whether your fixtures are being reinstalled in the same spot or you want them rewired to somewhere new. This job is better off in the hands of an expert.

Gulf Coast Electric is here to serve all of your electrical needs. Contact us to see what we can do for your Destin home!

Easy DIY Electrical Fixes

Sick of your hallway light never turning on? Miss the days when your doorbell actually worked? Fear not, we have a few DIY hacks you can use to fix your simple electrical problems.

Disclaimer: Electricity is dangerous. Any major electric issues you have should be handled by a licensed professional.

Checking Your Breakers

The easiest thing to do when one of your lights or outlets isn’t working is to check your breaker. If one of your breakers is tripped, it will be in a half-position instead of all the way up. Simply move the switch all the way down, and then all the way back up to fix it.

String Lights

Don’t throw away your favorite holiday lights just yet! The great part about string lights is that they normally come with an extra fuse. If you kept the box they came in, it’s more than likely hiding in there. The tiny, cylindrical fuses can be found underneath a sliding plastic covering at the plug part of the lights. Replace any blown-out fuse with the new one. If you can’t find your extra fuse, you can purchase them here.

Dead Doorbells

Doorbells are a pretty simple electrical fix. Most likely the button is broken. To test this, unscrew your doorbell from the wall, and disconnect the wires (there should be two). Touch the wires together, and if they make your doorbell ringing sound, you know it’s the button and not the wiring that’s bad. You can buy new a new doorbell button here. Connect the wires to the new button, just as they were connected to the old one, and screw it back onto the wall. There you go! Working doorbell in no time.
Electrical work should be done with caution. Use protective gloves when working with wiring, and if you’re not sure what to do, it’s always better to call on an electrician than risk shocking yourself. For any more questions you have, or to schedule a repair, contact us today at Gulf Coast Electric.