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4 Tips for Outdoor Lighting

As Christmas approaches, everyone begins their search for the best holiday deals. Children write their lengthy wish lists, college students return home and relatives anxiously wrap each gift.
While all of these things signal signs of Santa, there’s one universal factor that captures the heart of all people: lights. Christmas lights outline the homes on many blocks each season, so it’s important that they are assembled in a secure, efficient manner.

As your considering the color scheme and blueprint of your holiday display, consider these four tips to ensure your home’s safety.

Don’t use indoor lights outside

Indoor lights are not built for the inconsistent weather and moisture changes of each environment. Be sure to use only outside lights for your home’s exterior.

Keep your lights away from flammable materials

Electrical safety is no joke! It’s vital to position your lights a tactical distance away from any materials that could create an electrical spark. You don’t want a potential fire or power outage on your hands, right?

Cover all possible open locations

It’s crucial to cover all plugs and their containers to prevent an electrical mishap due to water exposure. Install an in-use cover for maximum protection.

Hire a professional

Ultimately, hiring a professional is the best option. Installing outdoor lighting is an intricate craft that should be handled by an expert. So sit back, relax and indulge in a box of gingerbread cookies!

Christmas is a time for celebration, not stress. At Gulf Coast Electric, we provide quality electrical services that will make this holiday season a breeze. Each electrician is trained to provide a standard of expertise you can’t find anywhere else. As you surround yourself with candy canes and hot chocolate, remember to consider these four tips. Contact Gulf Coast Electric today, call (850) 502.4906