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3 Overlooked Electrical Items in a New Home

Building your new home is a great way to get exactly what you’re looking for in a house. We usually picture how open our kitchen will look, how functional the laundry room will be and how beautiful the outdoor space will seem. But sometimes, we forget about adding the perfect touches inside the home. Inside – like the inside of the walls. Do you know what electrical services you should be installing to create the perfect home? Check out our top three features to consider when building your new home.

Energy efficiency

A lot of us are concerned about how much energy our families are using these days and how the rising costs are going to affect us down the road. If you’re building your new home, talk to your electrician about some energy-efficient and environmentally friendly options. If you decide you might want solar panels on your roof in the future, ask your electrician about pre-wiring for it during the building process.

Surge protection

Having surge protection on your home is always a good idea – but especially if you live in an area that is prone to thunderstorms. All of your wires are subject to surges. As the surge travels through them, it may find an appliance that isn’t using much power and fry it at a moment’s notice. Although some surges happen from within your home, lightning strikes are a pretty common cause for power surges, too. Make sure you’re protected from the start.

Security system

We all love to feel safe within our homes, and it’s important that we do. Whether you want a security system now or you decide that you’ll want one later on, talk to your electrician about wiring for one during the building process of your home. It’s much easier if you start now.

Build your perfect home from the inside out. Call Gulf Coast Electric for more tips and tricks on the perfect electrical features for you!