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4 Reasons for High Electric Bills

Budgeting your income each month for various expenses is complicated enough without the added stress of unpredictable, unusually high electric bills. You think you’re doing everything you can to save money with energy savings. So what could still be causing your bill to go up? Keep reading to find out a few reasons you might not have thought of that are costing you extra and tips to help.

1. You’re leaving devices plugged in while they aren’t being used.

One myth about energy savings is appliances that are off don’t affect the cost of your bill. Devices such as coffee makers and toaster ovens may be turned off after you finish using them but are still plugged in. They’re consuming what is known as ‘vampire power,’ a leading cause of high electric bills. Gaming systems that go into standby mode also aren’t entirely off and are a waste energy and money. Use a power strip for appliances that don’t need to be plugged in all the time, and flip the switch on the strip to save money instead of unplugging your devices.

2. You’re not strategically using your ceiling lights and fans.

Ceiling lights used to light up entire areas or rooms are energy inefficient and use more electrical power than you may think. Try using lamps as a less wasteful way to provide concentrated light sources throughout your home. In addition, ceiling fans are only useful when someone is in the room. Ceiling fans circulate air and make it feel cooler – they don’t drop the air temperature. So remember to turn off the lights and the fan when leaving a room.

3. You’re overusing the appliances in your home that are the most power-hungry.

Appliances that consume the most energy in your home include dishwashers, refrigerators, washers, and dryers. Keep your electric bill low by ensuring you’re maximizing the efficiency of these machines. This means not running the dishwasher until it’s full and not refreshing the dryer numerous times. If possible, wash your dishes and clothes with cold or warm water and dry on a low-heat setting.

4. You’re not efficiently using your A/C and heating.

If it’s a beautiful day outside and the air feels amazing – there’s no reason you shouldn’t crack the door or open a few windows so Mother Nature can work as your AC. In the winter, open your blinds during the day to use sunlight as a natural source of heat and close them at night to use them as insulation for your home.

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