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What is a Power Surge? 

What is a power surge and what damage can it do to your home? When there is a boost in electrical current in the power lines, additional charges are sent to your home outlets, causing a power surge. This happens when lightning strikes power lines or high-powered electrical devices turn on.

Common Causes of Power Surges

Lightning is actually the least common cause of power surges because the atmosphere has to be a certain condition for it to happen. It then has to strike the pole, lines or underground wires in order to cause a surge. One very common way power surges happen is from high-powered electrical devices, such as Air Conditioners or refrigerators. When these devices’ motors or compressors kick on, it uses a large sum of energy, disrupting the even flow. Over time, without surge protection devices, the surge can cause damage to different parts of electrical devices.

So how do you protect against power surges if you can’t tell when they’re going to happen?

Some of you may be thinking about the surge protectors you buy from the store. While those may prevent some damage to electronics and other devices, you don’t really know what’s inside it protecting your home. The key to high-quality protection is multiple stages of internal protection, blocking all damaging spikes to your equipment.

How can Gulf Coast Electric Help?

Gulf Coast Electrical services offers two different types of surge suppression: a base adaptor and electronic adaptors. The base adaptor is a one-time installation fee of $60 and $5 monthly fee for the basic technician service: an adapter installed behind the meter, as well as a plug-in suppressor. The suppressor protects the appliances you use most, such as the dishwasher, refrigerator and AC system. Electronic devices like computers and TVs must be protected with secondary surge protection.

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