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What Happens at a Home Inspection?

A 50-point inspection is a home inspection designed for new homeowners who would like to know the condition and safety of their electric system, whether they’re in a new home model or an older home. 

Keep reading to find out what Gulf Coast Electric looks for when conducting a 50-point electrical audit. 

Home Inspectors vs. Electrical Service Technicians

Home inspectors are qualified professionals who will come into your home to visually inspect the structure and components. While there, they will look for any immediate or potential problems that may harm you or your family. Upon completion, a written report will be provided to you with a description of any problem areas that may have been found. The report may also include recommendations for further evaluation. 

Some areas included but are not limited to: 

  • Structural elements
  • Safety
  • Grounds
  • Roof
  • Exterior surfaces
  • Attic 
  • Appliances
  • And more 

Electrical inspections involve a comprehensive review, as well as a checkup of the electrical connections and wiring installed into your home. It is important to note that these inspections help to prevent fire damage, death, injuries and property damage from happening. When buying a new home, it’s important to have an electrical audit performed. Roughly 50% of home fires are caused by electrical failures due to malfunctions in electrical distribution or lighting equipment. 

Benefits of an Electrical Inspection 

Inadequate or outdated electrical wiring poses a potential fire hazard. It’s important to have a professional electrical audit of the wiring in your home at least once a year to prevent problems and give you peace of mind. 

What are the benefits of an electrical inspection?

  • Your home will be kept safe
  • You’ll put money back in your pocket
  • Malfunctions will be avoided
  • Your system will maintain efficiency 
  • You’ll be up to date on electrical standards

Electrical inspections also help homeowners who have bought an older home or gone through new renovations. If you’re noticing any of these symptoms, you should consider electrical services. 

  • Invisible ground rod
  • If your home was previously owned
  • Rust, corrosion or water exposure in electrical panel
  • Your lights flicker or dim more than occasionally
  • Discolored outlets and light switch faceplates
  • If your circuit breakers or fuses trip or blow often

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