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6 Ways To Lower Your Electricity Bill

With the rise of work-from-home opportunities, many people are spending more time in their houses. However, that means more people are experiencing a drastic increase in their monthly electricity bills. These expenses add up fast and can be a hassle to combat. Thankfully, there are a few simple methods you can pick up to lower these costs!

As a local business, Gulf Coast Electric prioritizes the needs of our fellow Destin homeowners. Our team of electricians is committed to excellence and strives to provide stellar service. Read ahead to learn how you can lower your monthly electric bill and save on future utility costs.

Unplug “Vampire” Appliances

Vampire appliances don’t have fangs or a garlic intolerance. Instead, these devices suck energy even when they’re not in use. Vampire energy can account for 5-10% of your total electrical use. A few vampire appliances you can unplug are: 

  • – Phone chargers
  • – Televisions
  • – Coffee makers
  • – Electric toothbrushes
  • – Video game consoles
  • – Cable boxes
  • – Printers and fax machines

Individually unplugging these devices can be a hassle. Fortunately, a power strip can make the task much easier for you. You can plug nearby appliances into the strip to prevent a power drain. This method is an easy way of reducing your utility bills.

Replace Your Air Filters

Your air conditioner uses filters to capture airborne pollutants. The device keeps your unit operating effectively and should be replaced every three months.

Air filters can become clogged with dust and other debris over time. The buildup can prevent your system from running effectively, using more electricity to keep your space at a constant temperature.

Install A Programmable Thermostat

A programmable thermostat is an efficient way of controlling your residential energy use. With this technology, you can schedule when your air conditioner operates using your phone or tablet. These thermostats are effective at conserving electricity and can change the temperature even when you aren’t home.

Seal Air Leaks

Sealing your windows and doors will prevent air from escaping your home through gaps in the frames. Your ductwork also requires routine inspections to check for leaking ducts.

Air leaks can make your home feel warmer, causing your air conditioner to overwork itself. When your cooling system works for a longer timeframe, your electricity costs will rise significantly.

Wash Your Clothes With Cold Water

Laundry day is a prime opportunity for electricity conservation! Unless a specific fabric requires warm water, you can wash your clothes in cold water.

Your washing machine won’t need high amounts of electricity to heat up, reducing electricity costs. Cool water is equally effective at removing stains and dirt from your clothing when compared to warm or hot water.

Only Run Appliances When They’re Full

It can be tempting to knock out a small load of laundry or run a half-full dishwasher. Most appliances use the same amount of energy, regardless of how full they are. You can prevent high electricity use by only operating these devices when filled.

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