The Truth About Motion-Activated Lights – How they affect your electricity

Motion-activated lights are convenient for providing a clear pathway to the door after a long night out or a long day at the office. Relatively cheap, easy to install and reliable, motion-activated lights are useful for homes with little outdoor lighting or indoor rooms with little traffic. There are pros and cons to motion-activated lighting and understanding them will help determine if your home could benefit from this new fixture.

Motion-Activated Lights

Think About Traffic

Rooms with heavy traffic would not be a good fit for motion-activated lights. The constant switching of power would stress the system and use more electricity. Traffic along sidewalks and street lighting should be considered when thinking about outdoor installation. High traffic may trigger the light when unnecessary. If there is adequate street lighting, then smaller, solar powered lights may be a better investment.

Available Lighting

Think about how much natural light a room gets before considering motion-activated lights. If there are windows and adequate natural light during the day, then this lighting system may just waste electricity. While it would be convenient at night, the motion-activated lights would waste electricity throughout the day.


If you or your family are forgetful about turning off lights, motion-activated lights could save money each month. It is difficult to keep track of who’s using what room, and lights could be left on for hours by mistake. Motion-activated lights would be an economical solution to be more environmentally and financially conscious. Install energy saving light bulbs and you’ll enjoy even higher savings.

Motion-activated lights are a great way to save electricity in low-traffic rooms, when lights are forgotten and when families need a helping hand. If you think they’re right for your home, motion-activated lights are a practical luxury affordable to install. Gulf Coast Electric has more information about options, installation and the best fit for your home.

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