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Can Lights vs. Traditional Lights

Shopping for new lighting in your home can be tricky. Whether you’re looking for some inspiration or ready to install. It’s essential to know the difference in brightness to understand what you need.

What are ‘Can Lights’?

“Can lights” are lights that are recessed into the ceiling. You typically find these lighting fixtures in your kitchen or your living room with multiple can lights to brighten the space. Can lights get their name because of their housing. When you see a can light, it looks a lot like a can. They are typically metal and cylinder shapes. These lights are great for lighting up places that need extra lighting in multiple parts of a room.

Benefits of Can Lights

Can lights are sleek since they are flush with the ceiling. This installation creates the illusion of a more spacious room. There isn’t anything dangling, which is useful for spaces such as closets, pantries and laundry rooms where you may not necessarily desire to have anything in these tight spaces.

What are ‘Traditional Lights?’

Traditional lighting fixtures are going to be lights that hang down from the ceiling, They can have crystals attached to the frame for things like a chandelier or an intricate design shaped out of metal to create a modern-looking fixture. These lights get their name from the inspiration of classical architectural styles.

Benefits of Traditional Lights

Traditional lights are suitable for creating an ambiance in a room. There is typically only one traditional light in a room, whereas a can light can have multiple in a single room. These lights can be used as a staple piece or as art that is front and center in a room. These lights are not necessarily ideal for small spaces but can be a great addition to a home looking for a “wow” factor. These lights are great over dining room tables, in front entryways or in the master bathroom.

No matter what lighting style you are drawing inspiration from, your friends at Gulf Coast Electric are here for all of your light fixture installation needs. Give us a call today, and see what we can do for the room of your dreams!