How to Spot Common Energy Leaks with a Home Energy Audit

When you’re living in a town that gets as hot and humid as Panama City Beach, it’s only a matter of time before you begin to spot a few common energy leaks throughout the house. But when you go to schedule a home energy audit, what should you do to prepare yourself for the inspection? What are some things to look out for?

Take a look at the following tips to not only spot common energy leaks, but prepare for the in-home energy audit to get those energy leaks fixed, conserve energy, and make your house more energy efficient.

Panama City Beach home energy leaks

Check your home’s exterior

Whether your home is brand new or whether it has a few years of experience under its belt, wear and tear from natural conditions and foundation adjustments is something that can always occur.

Walk around the exterior of your home and inspect the windows, doors, walls and roof for areas that may have become exposed. Especially important during the changing of seasons, it’s essential to look for those exposed areas and seal them with caulking, sealant, paint, or other forms of insulation.

Check your insulation

Take a look in your attic to see how your insulation is holding up. Do you notice areas that may have become wet or, even more importantly, do you see mold or mildew growing? Chances are the exterior of your home may have cracked or become punctured allowing dirt, grime, rain water and a variety of other things to get through.

It’s also important to check the insulation around appliances such as your water heater or dishwasher. If a residue is found, hire a professional to troubleshoot your home energy issues.

Check your electronics

Homeowners in Panama City Beach are infamous for using household electronics. The more digitized and automated, the better. And it’s no wonder why as electronics can make life at home so much more accommodating. However, when your day-to-day life is set at ease, it’s easy to forget exactly how much energy these products are using.

Take a look around your home and take note of which appliances are Energy Star certified. If you notice a few appliances lacking this accreditation, it may be time to consider upgrading. By replacing an entire home’s appliances with Energy Star certified products and appliances, you could save thousands of dollars every year on your energy bill.

When it comes to spotting home energy leaks, it’s important to think a little outside the box to catch what it is that’s raising your energy bill. Luckily for you, the experts at Gulf Coast Electric offer superior residential electrical services who will not only conduct home energy audits for you but can provide tons of professional advice to make your more home energy efficient as well as a happy, healthy environment.