What Is A Marina Electrical Inspection?

Electrical inspections are a crucial part in ensuring the safety of yourself, others and your equipment – in both your home and in any building you reside. But did you know that you can get an electrical inspection for your marina? Here are a few things that are involved in a marina electrical inspection

Ground Fault Detection 

ESD, or electrical shock drowning, is caused by static electricity in the water coursing through a person’s body, causing a quick and painful death. Far too many fatalities occur in marinas due to improper inspection of electrical currents and wiring throughout the dock and poor maintenance of equipment. 

One way to eliminate and prevent electrical shock drowning from occurring is to have a ground fault detection system in place at your marina. This will ensure that the next fault within an electrical current is spotted before a tragic accident can happen, keeping you on your toes and everyone safer. 

Boat Testing

If you have a boat of your own stored at a marina, it’s important to get it tested annually to check for an electricity leak or any other problems, such as wiring and rusting of chords. Having a trusted electrician take a look at your boast is the best way to go about an inspection, but you can also use a clamp meter to check for electricity leaks on your own. 

Consider installing an equipment leakage circuit interrupter, or ECLI, to ensure your machinery is working properly. Once installed, test it monthly to keep up with inspection standards.

Also, be sure to avoid using household extension cords for your boat to power ashore. Use shore power cords to power your boat for both the safety of everyone when operating your boat. 


A basic rule for marinas is this: Never swim within 100 yards of the marina in order to protect oneself from electrical shock within the water. If someone mentions a tingling or shocking sensation while swimming, immediately get out of the water and alert the dock or marina owner – then visit a hospital to check for any lingering shock or harm. 

Having a proper inspection and ensuring the safety of others by frequently testing electrical equipment at your marina is the best way to keep everyone out of harm’s way. If you are in need of marina electrical services, call Gulf Coast Electric today to schedule an appointment with a trusted electrician.