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Why Do My Lights Flicker When I Use My Hair Dryer?

We’ve all experienced that confusing moment where the lights unexpectedly flicker. Whether you’re blow drying your hair before work, making that pot of coffee to start the day or throwing dinner’s dishes in the dishwasher, flickering lights are enough to make you pause and say, “What?” If you’re curious about what is making your lights flicker here are a few things you should check.

Don’t overload your electrical outlets

Don’t worry; it’s probably not a sign that Gulf Power Co. didn’t get your electricity payment. Flickering lights can be caused by many things, so it’s always a good start to be aware of how many items you may have plugged into one area.
Having an excessive amount of things plugged into one power source can cause the breakers to short out due to the amount of voltage being requested from one outlet. Circuit breakers are designed to handle a certain amount of electrical loads. Having too many electronics plugged in at one time can cause the flickering, especially because items like hair dryers and vacuums require a higher demand of voltage. Getting a surge protector can also help lower the risks that occur for overpowering outlets and other electrical upsets.

Flicking lights may be a sign of a fire hazard

But flickering lights may be the least of your worries. When you have too many things plugged into an outlet, the circuit breaker can also draw more heat – thus posing as a possible fire hazard. In this case, it’s best to limit any excess lights you have on in your house while using items that require a higher voltage.
Another cause of flickering lights could be faulty or fraying wires. If your home wiring connectors are faulty or old, you could have a serious electrical problem on your hands. It’s best to call a professional electrician to examine or re-wire your home.

No matter the issue, Gulf Coast Electric has got your back. Qualified electricians are just a phone call away, and we won’t settle until you have the reassurance that your home is safely connected.