Why You Should Include Outlet Placement in Interior Design

Electrical outlets are what keep your appliances running. If you’re going to spend money on expensive devices, it’s essential that you also focus on outlet installation. Whatever your needs may be, Gulf Coast Electric should be your go-to Destin electrician. Make sure you take into account the aesthetic appearance of your home while installing specialized outlets.

Mounted televisions are the only way to go these days. Everyone loves to watch the big game on Sundays at your house, but are you tired of seeing all those hideous cords? Your neighbors are, too. Gulf Coast Electric allows you the option to mount your TV anywhere and everywhere without a giant power cord running down to the baseboard outlet. Call today and find out how you can install an outlet behind your TV.

Lamps are useful when the bright, overhead light is giving you a migraine after a long day. Does the lamp in your home have you tripping over cords daily? Consider installing floor outlets in your home with Gulf Coast Electric. You’ll find yourself using less dangerous and ugly extension cords while using lamps in areas that you never thought possible.  

Your kitchen can be a crowded place, filled with friends and family. How would you like to have outlets look as inconspicuous as possible? One option is to install a power strip on the top rail near your kitchen island below the countertop. Just because you need to cook for 20 doesn’t mean you must compromise on the aesthetics of your kitchen.

It’s important to plan the placement of outlets around your home. When it comes to TVs, lamps and your kitchen, no one wants to see an ugly electric cord. Give your home a cleaner and fresher look by installing specialized outlets. Before beginning any electrical work, contact your Destin electrician.