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How To Teach Your Kids About Electrical Safety

As adults, avoiding electrical dangers is second nature, but curious kids do not know about electrical safety. We live in the “golden age” of technology, meaning we use and run more electronic devices in our homes on a daily basis than ever before.

Mismanaging energy use and incorrectly using the system/appliances are also on the rise, which can quickly create hazards. Accidents related to electricity can include minimal or multi-organ injuries and, in extreme cases, death.

Teaching your children about electrical safety in your Destin home will protect them from injuries while keeping your system working efficiently. Gulf Coast Electrical prioritizes Destin electrical safety, so use these tips and techniques to prevent accidents and encourage your family to safely use electricity.

Electrical Safety Tips For Children

Setting strict electrical safety rules helps create a base of knowledge for your kids about electricity. Write them down, talk about them together and keep the rules somewhere they are seen often and easily, so kids know how important they are.

Common household electrical safety rules for children:

  • Keep fingers and objects away from outlets
  • Water and electricity don’t mix — keep electronics away from water and wet hands
  • Before you use new electronics, ask an adult for help
  • Never yank on a cord to unplug it
  • Don’t plug a lot of things into an extension cord or power strip
  • No power lines — don’t climb trees or fly kites near them
  • Stay away from fallen, broken or sparking wires and transformer boxes

Helping your little ones understand how electricity works is the best way to make sure they follow the rules. Plenty of videos, games and books are available online to act as fun, free resources. You can use them to set the groundwork with your kids, together. So you can spend quality time with them while they learn lessons about electrical hazards, safety and other excellent tools.

General Tips On Electrical Safety

Because we spend so much time at home using devices, we cannot overstate the importance of household electrical safety. Learning to use your electronics properly keeps them working effectively, without overworking the system, and prevents electricity-related accidents.

Keep your family safe using these tips:

  • Ensure that no more than one heat-producing device is plugged into an outlet at any given time, like a hairdryer, coffee-maker, toaster etc.
  • Plug all major appliances, like ovens, fridges and laundry machines, directly into the wall, not into an extension cord or adapter.
  • When you aren’t using an appliance, unplug it to reduce energy use, save money and prevent other appliances from electrical surges.
  • Always avoid running cords under rugs, carpets and doors to prevent tripping, fire hazards and other electrical accidents.
  • Use the recommended wattage indicated on lamps and other light fixtures at all times to reduce the risk of overheating and energy waste.

In addition to promoting household safety, following these basic tips will also reduce your energy use and save you money on your utility bill.

Eliminate Household Hazards

Although electricity is a great tool that has transformed technology to create our modern world, it can easily become dangerous when used improperly. If you are concerned about the safety of your family around your home’s electrical system, call our team today.

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