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How Do You Put Out An Electrical Fire?

Extinguishing an electrical fire can be simple as simple as using baking soda, but how do you know when that’s the best course of action? Here are the best practices to follow in case of emergency. 


First, find the source of power, and immediately shut it off if this does not put you in harm’s way. Otherwise, shut off the electricity in your home to prevent the fire from spreading. Finding the source of the fire and stopping it will keep you from electrocution and further damage. 

Big or Small

If the fire is small, you can use baking soda to extinguish it. The sodium bicarbonate in the baking soda will put out the fire, a chemical also found in Class C fire extinguishers. You can also use a fire blanket or a heavy piece of clothing over the flames to deprive it of oxygen. 

With a bigger fire, never reach for water to preserve electric safety. This could electrocute and shock you, as well as make the fire spread more quickly. Use a fire extinguisher that is labeled Class C, which is specific to electrical fires. 

Safety First

If you are still unable to extinguish the fire, get out of the house. Call 911, and get all residents and pets out of the house. Make sure you have two or more pathways to ensure a safe exit, and remain a distance away from the fire in case of an explosion. 

Once you are outside, close the door behind you to contain the fire before 911 has arrived to prevent further spread and damage beyond the house. Do not attempt to go back into the house until the fire department has stated it is safe to do so. 

For safe electrical services that keep you from experiencing an electrical fire, call Gulf Coast Electric to have your electrical appliances inspected to ensure your safety.