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How to Hide Cables and Ugly Wires at Home

Nobody likes looking at a pile of messy, tangled wires in their home – but with technology being so integral to our lives, it’s hard to avoid a charger-cable build up. If ugly cables have taken over your living space, try a few of these tricks to get things organized.

Electrical Safety

First let’s talk about why you need to clean up your cables. Aside from the obvious tripping hazard, cluttered wires can greatly increase your risk for an electrical fire. In addition, if a pet or small child puts an exposed wire in their mouth, they could receive a dangerous shock.

Invest in Command Hooks

You can hide wires behind the furniture you already own with command hooks. Hang a command hook behind your TV, under your desk or on the side of your end table – and never untangle a sea of wires ever again! You can purchase command hooks here.

Hide Them Away in Decorative Boxes

Whether you take this on as a DIY project or you buy a cable management box already made, your guests will never suspect what’s hiding behind your stylish wire-storage in disguise. Check out a variety of decorative containers here.

Create a Charger Drawer

You need a charger for your phone, laptop, tablet and even your smartwatch. Wouldn’t it be nice if they were all kept in the same place? To make a charger drawer, simply string a multi-outlet surge protector through the back of a drawer, then plug in each of your chargers.

Don’t let messy wires and cables take over your home, and above all else, practice electrical safety. Keep things tidy and organized to avoid potentially dangerous situations. If you need professional help hiding your TV cables or other wires in your home, contact Gulf Coast Electric today.