How To Hide Cables And Ugly Wires At Home

Let’s be honest — cables and wires in our homes aren’t a good look. You can have a beautifully decorated living room, but cluttered cables stick out like a sore thumb. Gulf Coast Electric is here to help your home with these eyesores — read on to learn more.

Wire Safety Comes With Tidy Cables

A bunch of tangled wires and cables are not only hard to look at, but they can also be a hazard. This electrical clutter increases your risk of an electrical fire, electric shock and trip-and-falls.

Not only that, but if you have pets or small children, loose cords can be very dangerous to them if they put them in their mouths. To avoid any unsafe situations, follow along with our tips below.

Use Hooks To Hide And Organize Wires

Using hooks can help you not only hide wires, but also to keep them from tangling with each other. Again, tidiness and electrical safety often go hand in hand.

By placing hooks on the walls behind your furniture, you can redirect your cords cleanly along the walls and out of sight. You can also put hooks behind your TV, on the side of your end table or even under your desk.

Keeping your wires against the wall and cleanly hidden behind furniture prevents drawing attention to a big, cluttered mess. Not only does this make your space neater, it’s much safer, too.

Box Up Those Cords

If you don’t have enough space for hooks to carry the length of a wire, consider getting a decorative box. By storing your cords inside, they won’t be accessible to pets or children, keeping everybody safe. Not only that, but guests will never guess that a decorative box is hiding electronics!

Keep Your Chargers In A Drawer

If you dedicate a drawer solely to chargers, you will not only limit your mess, but you will never lose a charger again. This is an excellent way to stay organized, keep your household safe and keep the clutter to a minimum.

Hiding TV Cables

This step may require a bit more effort, and it works especially well with mounted TVs. Cord covers are your best friend when it comes to mounted screens. What you can do is measure from the base of the screen to the top of the baseboard, and find a cord cover for that length.

Once your cord is inside and the cover is mounted, you can even paint it the same color as your wall. While still visible, this will prevent visible clutter and cord exposure, creating a safer and more organized environment for you.

Electrical Safety With Gulf Coast Electric

Whether it’s your computer wires, your TV cords or just a big messy pile of chargers, Gulf Coast Electric is here to help you stay safe and organized. By reducing your electrical clutter, you are reducing a number of safety risks. If you have any questions or concerns about wire safety in your home, feel free to call us at Gulf Coast Electric — we’re happy to help!