5 Home Electrical Components that Should be Upgraded

Electrical Upgrades That Boost Your Home’s Efficiency

When it comes to technology, there is always a new product model to replace the old one. However, an electrical upgrade for your home is one of the best long-term investments. Updating your appliances can make your life easier, safer and more specialized to your needs!

At Gulf Coast Electric, our team of Destin electricians provides residential electrical services that cater to your home. Read on to learn which of your devices you should upgrade for maximum efficiency!

1. Electrical Panels

While it may look like a simple box, your electrical panel connects the wiring inside your house to outdoor wires and provides electricity to your home. Though it often sits forgotten within your home, you may find yourself visiting your panel more as it ages.

Many older houses have fuse boxes or other outdated devices that weren’t built for the electricity required for modern life. When they are unable to handle the electricity load, these panels can damage your appliances or even start a fire.

Investing in a new appliance is a great way to make sure your house has the power you need without hazards. Buying a more efficient panel can brighten up your entire home!

2. Inefficient Outlets

The rise of modern technology has increased the need for more outlets in many households. Unfortunately, availability isn’t the only problem with older electrical receptacles. Worn-out outlets can stop working with time and may even cause a house fire. Some signs you need an upgrade include:

• Your plugs start to slip out.

• The wall covering is discolored.

• The covering is hot to the touch.

Investing in new outlets can solve a variety of problems. Four outlet systems allow you to power more devices at once, and some even have USB ports that can charge your phone when other devices are plugged in. A new model provides a power-up for each of your electronics!

3. Outdated Wiring

Another component that may need your attention is your house’s wiring. Old wiring is often made of aluminum, a metal that can easily compress and create a safety hazard. Even if you can’t see these wires, they can still generate power surges, electrical shocks and fires.

Luckily, new wires are made of copper, a much safer material. Switching to copper wiring will give your house the same conduction strength without the added worry!

4. Surge Protectors

With newer, faster electronics, your house requires more energy than ever. When you plug in a large appliance, your system may receive more power than it can handle. Power surges can fry any electronic that you have plugged in.

Surge protection systems moderate the amount of energy that each of your devices receives, ensuring that none of them get more than they can handle. Even if you have many different appliances, upgrading this singular electronic can make sure all of them are taken care of!

5. Light Switches

Light switches serve an obvious purpose: turning the lights off and on. However, newer models can do much more! Dimmer switches can regulate the amount of light each room receives, helping you create a unique ambiance. If you want to make your next get-together warm and cozy without touching the fireplace, investing in a dimmer is the way to go.

When you’ve lived in your house for years, it can be nerve-wracking to make big changes. By upgrading your appliances, you can keep your home just how you like it without compromising its electrical reliability.

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