Fall Electrical Safety Checklist

With the weather cooling off, the items we use in our daily lives are starting to change. To stay safe this fall, check out these five tips before you start turning off your fans and plugging in your space heaters.

Check your smoke detector

First things first, check each smoke detector in your home. Since the weather is cooling down, you’re probably using more electrical devices to heat your house and to keep you warm. It’s important that your smoke detectors are working so you’ll be aware if a fire breaks out in your home. If you notice they aren’t working properly, call an electrician to come check it out.

Use space heaters safely

Space heaters can be an easy way to heat your room or outdoor area quickly and efficiently. But be sure that nothing is touching the heater, and that nothing flammable is close by. Be sure to plug your space heater into an outlet – rather than an extension cord.

Check your extension cords

Cooler weather and the holidays call for a lot of lights and a ton of decorations – most of which need to be plugged in. Check your extension cords for damage and replace them as needed to make sure everything is working properly. For all of those outdoor lights, make sure you’re using surge protectors and weatherproof extension cords to keep them safe from the elements.

Sweep away leaves

Leaves are bound to end up in your yard as we head into fall. Keep sweeping away those leaves from your outdoor lighting, outlets and power cords because dry leaves can easily catch fire if a spark lands on them. Be sure to keep your outdoor air conditioning units free of leaves, dirt, and debris, as well. This ensures that your unit is in top shape so you won’t have to worry about damage later on.

Be careful with electric blankets

What’s the best way to stay warm while you watch holiday movies on your couch? An electric blanket, of course. When you start to use yours more frequently this fall, make sure you’re using it safely and you aren’t putting anything on top of it while it’s in use. And never let your pets sleep on it.

Electric safety is an important part of preparing for the fall. If you need help preparing your home for the cooler weather, call the professional electricians at Gulf Coast Electric 850-279-5749