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Electrical Team Guarantees

Our guarantees to you, from the top-rated electrical team in Destin Florida.

Gulf Coast Electric is the team you can count on for the best electrical services in your neighborhood. At Gulf Coast Electric, we are committed to the use of the highest quality products available. We measure our success by one standard:

Total and Complete Customer Satisfaction

Therefore, we warrant that all materials and labor furnished and work performed are in accordance with the National Electrical Code and will be free from defects due to defective materials or workmanship for a period of One Year from the date of service order or invoice.

In the case that any defect does develop during the warranty period due to improper or defective materials or workmanship the item or items shall be made good by Gulf Coast Electric at NO expense to the owner.

Nothing in the above shall be deemed to apply to work or materials that have been abused, neglected or modified by the owner. Some electrical and electronic equipment such as, but not limited to, ballasts, dimmers, transformers, photo cell, contractors, speed controls, motion detectors, and surge suppressors, are excluded under the above warranty. Excluded products are limited to the manufacturer’s warrant and labor charges may be incurred for their replacement. Warranty is not applicable to material damaged or destroyed due to Acts of Nature.