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Do I Need A Backup Generator?

Ever asked yourself whether you need a backup generator? For homeowners living near Florida’s Gulf Coast, they are the perfect way to equip your home for anything that may happen during hurricanes, tornadoes and even thunderstorms.

Helping Destin residents “Plug In To Superior Service” since 1980, our team at Gulf Coast Electric knows that it’s always a great idea to have a backup generator installed on your property in case you lose power. If you’re still debating on getting one, or weighing your options to see if it’s worth it, here are a few benefits of investing in your very own power unit.

Comfort and Safety

Living by the Gulf Coast and surrounding areas can be very risky as you can never be too sure when a strong storm will develop on the horizon. It’s always great to be prepared before disaster strikes. Having a backup generator ready to go ensures that you and your family won’t be left in the dark during the next storm!

Quick Electrical Power, 24/7

As soon as the lights go out, whether it’s due to a thunderstorm or some sort of blackout, most people’s first instinct is to panic.

With a backup generator by your side, you won’t even get the chance to have “panic” cross your mind. As soon as your unit realizes your home’s power has been shut off the generator automatically powers on! Who wouldn’t want something as efficient as that?

Food Safety

Another big green flag when it comes to backup generators is that they ensure no food goes to waste. How? Well, once the power goes out in your house, everything powered by electricity is affected — this also includes the fridge.

It would be a shame to see so much food go to waste when the power shuts down. Although we rarely know when electricity will turn back on during an outage, which could last minutes or even days, you wouldn’t need to worry with a backup generator on hand to keep your refrigerator running in no time.

How Are Generators Powered?

With these generators, a common question people ask is about what fuels they use. For the most part, they are powered by two fuel types.

Natural Gas And Propane

Choosing which fuel you prefer your unit to use is up to you. Most people choose systems powered by natural gas and propane as they are safer. It is not only colorless, but it’s also non-toxic and has a distinctive smell added to it for easy detection.

If for some reason you suspect natural gas is seeping into your home, you can easily notice it and should schedule an appointment to have the leak inspected ASAP.

Gasoline And Diesel

Generators powered by gasoline and diesel are also great options, but they do have some downsides. Since they’re powered with gasoline, you would need a separate fuel tank installed as well. And while gas prices can be unpredictable, when their demand skyrockets, it can be difficult for you to acquire.

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