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5 Power Outage Safety Tips from an Electrician

There is a reason why springtime is described as “in like a lion, out like a lamb.” The spring brings gorgeous weather, but it also poses the threat for serious storms. These storms can cause damage to your home – most commonly knocking out your power, leaving you and your family in the dark (literally). You won’t always have access to an emergency electrician, so being prepared for whatever the storm brings will keep you safe until power is restored.

Below are five power outage safety tips from an electrician. Follow these few tricks and taking on a storm will be a breeze.

Power outage safety tips


1) Only use flashlights

This may sound obvious, but people always seem to rely on candles when the power goes out. Having candles lit throughout the house creates an unnecessary fire hazard – plus, they don’t provide much illumination, anyway. Keep a camping lantern and flashlights throughout your home and make sure they’re stocked with fresh batteries.


2) Turn off/disconnect appliances in case of a power surge

Having your refrigerator, microwave and stove plugged in during a power outage could blow a circuit once power is restored. Unless you have a whole-home surge protector installed on your electrical panel, it’s best to keep these appliances unplugged.


3) Keep battery-powered radio to monitor weather news

Guess what. Power outages wipe out WiFi. This *ancient* doodad will keep you in the know about current and future weather conditions.


4) Keep refrigerator doors closed

Having non-perishable food in the house is always a good idea. Opening the refrigerator door lets the cold air out and expedites the food-spoiling process. After an outage, always check your refrigerated goods for spoilage. Follow the ol’ college kid trick: if it stinks, wash it down the sink. Or throw it in the trash can…yeah. The trash can.


5) Once the emergency is over, re-prepare.

Congratulations, you’ve made it through a power outage! What you do now is start stocking your emergency kit and pantry for the next one. Always make sure you have plenty of batteries and canned food!

Put these tips to use, and you’ll be your own 24/7 electrician! Looking for an electrician? Contact the professionals at Gulf Coast Electric.