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4 Home Electrical Components that Should be Upgraded

In this modern era, it is essential to have a renovated home to keep up with the fast-paced changes in technology that seem to happen every day. There are many upgradable components for your home that can improve your way of living and increase the efficiency of your devices. To make sure that you are up to date, consider the four electrical upgrade components below.

Upgraded Outlets

Modern families have more devices than ever before. Tablets, phones and laptops all require sufficient outlets to power them, so consider making sure that there are more than two outlets per room. Another functional upgrade worth considering is to add more USB outlets to your home. Nowadays, many devices come with USB chargers that can be conveniently plugged into USB outlets to fuel up a charge. 

It is also noteworthy to mention that you should ensure your outlets are up to date. If you notice that your plugs are beginning to slip out, it is probably time for new outlets. 

New Electric Panel

Old panels are likely to get rusty and operate less efficiently over time. Additionally, the electrical wires in your panel can fray. An old panel raises the risk of a fire or injury, and it can also raise your energy bill. 

Dimmer Switches

By replacing plain switches with dimmers, you increase the amount of lighting control that you have per room. This can allow for rich and precise illumination of any space or event. By installing dimmers, you can save money on electricity bills while simultaneously making each room more personalized and modern. 

Copper Wiring

A couple of decades ago, there was a copper shortage that caused many American homes to install aluminum wiring instead of copper. Although aluminum is as good a conductor as copper, it is much more likely to compress in walls and outlets, which can create safety hazards. It is a good idea to inspect your home’s wiring system to make sure that everything is still intact. Furthermore, consider upgrading to copper wiring if you find aluminum wires in your home. 

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