3 Tips to avoid electrical accidents in the workplace

Electrical safety isn’t always at the forefront of people’s minds, especially in the workplace, but it should be. According to The National Fire Protection Association, 739 people died from an electrical cause in 2017.

Although many people have some idea of how to act around electrical current in their own home, some do not apply those same practices in the workplace. Below are three tips to avoiding electrical accidents.

Paying attention to electrical outlets

In the workplace, people tend to cram as many cords into one outlet or extension strip as they can, even though they wouldn’t necessarily do that in their own home. When more cords are plugged into an outlet than it can handle, the fuse blows, breaking the circuit to prevent a fire. However, a fire could start if something goes wrong. It’s best to be safe and only plug a few items into each outlet. If you see this happening at your office, notify management that additional outlets should be considered.

Know how to run cords

A common occurrence in many offices is running electrical cords under rugs to keep people from tripping. However, this can be a dangerous option. Cords that are run under rugs mean that they are being stepped on or potentially rolled over by various objects. This can damage the cord. Also, the added insulation on the top of it, the rug, can cause it to overheat and start a fire. Also, if someone later tries to move the cord and touches the damaged area, it could electrocute them. Cords should be run along the outer walls, secured by round cord clips.

Inspect items regularly

It’s a good idea to have someone in charge of checking cords and outlets regularly. Looking for damage to cords once a month can help prevent accidents, as well as protect people and equipment. Listening for a buzzing sound near outlets can help prevent circuit fires and overloads.

If you think an appliance or cord seems hot to the touch, you hear a buzzing noise or get shocked when unplugging something, call a local electrician today from Gulf Coast Electrical to get your office on the path to safety!