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Top Interior Lighting Trends

Have you ever realized that each home has its own personality? From the darkest of reds to the most vivid of whites, a house is a home to everyone in its own unique way. Another way to add to your home’s character is through lighting. Interior lighting can create a perfect-for-you atmosphere just in time for the new year. Let’s take a look at the top interior lighting trends going on right now.

Modern industrial

We’ve all seen versions of industrial finishes, whether it’s furniture, lighting or painting. Modern industrial lighting involves sleek, clean lines that consist of an alternative feel. This type of fixture is sure to make a statement in any room.

Vintage Retro

If you’re going for a warmer feel, vintage style lighting is for you. Edison-style bulbs and other similar fixtures have been chosen consistently during 2018. This will continue in 2019. Want something authentic? You got it!

The bigger the better

As we mentioned earlier, statement pieces can really draw people in. The latest trend in interior lighting is one bold, big and bountiful fixture that fits your every wish.

LED lighting

Now is the time to get your LED fix, because they are getting cheaper! Many people are moving toward environmentally friendly lighting. They look great and are affordable, too! How’s that for savings?

Choosing a house can be fun, but creating a home is rewarding. At Gulf Coast Electric, light fixture installation is part of our expertise. Our electrical services are reliable, professional and of the utmost quality. We know a thing or two about character, so your home shouldn’t be any different.

Trends can change, but a home is forever. Reach out to us here at Gulf Coast Electric if you need help with any instillations.