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3 Basics of Smoke Alarm Safety

Each year 3,000 people die in house fires. Smoke alarms, when properly installed and maintained, provide enough warning for people to get to safety. Affordable, easy to install and simple to use, smoke alarms are essential for a safe home. Creating an emergency plan decreases the risk of injury or death during hazardous situations. Smoke alarm safety is one of the most efficient and economical ways to increase the safety of your home.

Make Sure the Area is Covered

One smoke alarm in the kitchen of a two-story house will not warn of a fire in the upstairs bathroom in a timely manner. Make sure there are enough fire alarms installed so that all regions of the house are covered. When installing smoke alarms, keep in mind areas like the kitchen that may trigger false alarms. Instead, place the smoke alarm in an adjacent room or hallway.

Clean Your Smoke Alarms

A quick dust, vacuum and wipe down of the outside cover can ensure that smoke alarms stay at top quality. When dust and dirt stick to the vents, smoke alarms may not detect smoke properly.

Replace Every 10 Years

Many residents do not know that smoke alarms have expiration dates. This can be valuable information when purchasing a home. Check the dates, and replace smoke alarms when necessary. An emergency is not the time to realize that your smoke alarms have malfunctioned.

Ultimately, smoke alarm safety protects your family, home and belongings. Finding affordable, quality smoke alarms is as easy as going to your local hardware store. Gulf Coast Electric offers a variety of smoke alarms as well as information and installation. Ask us about our residential electrical services – serving Destin and the Emerald Coast!