Hurricane Season is Here – Don’t Be Left In The Dark

A lot of tragic stories are formed during hurricane season. Here on the Gulf Coast, we’ve unfortunately seen that too many times. You don’t necessarily have to be in the direct path of a storm to feel when is its effects. One of the most common situations during hurricane season is a power outage. Fortunately, there are a few things you can do to either prepare for a power outage or get your electricity back up and running as quickly as possible.

Tree removal/trimming

When a storm hits, one of the most common causes of a power outage is a tree or tree branch that falls onto a power line. The lightning or wind can knock down a tree, which could fall right over a power line, causing electricity loss for many people. This problem can be prevented by trimming the trees that are overgrown around any power lines. However, this is a very dangerous job and should only be left to the tree removal professionals. Cutting down overgrown trees near power lines can definitely make a difference during hurricane season.

Get a Home Inspection

Do you know how prepared your home’s electrical system is for the trial and tribulations of hurricane season? Gulf Coast Electric offers a 50-point home inspection – everything from the wiring to the circuitry. Make sure your home isn’t a fire risk so you can rest easy.

Report Electrical Outage

If you do happen to fall victim to a power outage during hurricane season, don’t give up all hope. You can easily report the outage to Gulf Coast Electric and we will be more than happy to help assist you with fixing your power outage. Please allow us some time to respond to your report and repair the damage causing the outage, as the problem could have occurred miles from your home.