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Does Your Home Have Power Surge Protection?

Power surge protection impacts the lifespan of electronics, ranging from large appliances, like dishwashers, to desktop computers. With such expensive belongings at stake, it’s important to take precautions. Whole house surge protection is a practical solution to take action against power surges.

Understand the Causes

Power surges are often thought of as large-scale events such as lightning strikes. However, only 2% of surge damage is caused by lightning. Other appliances like refrigerators, air conditioners, lawn pumps and pool pumps cycle on and off which causes surges that degrade and damage electronics.

Purchase Whole House Surge Protection

Purchasing a surge protection system can increase the lifespan of your electronics by 30%. This is significant when thinking about how many electronics your home holds. Appliances, gaming systems, desktop computers and laptops would all benefit from an investment in electronic protection.

Professional Installation

The installation and grounding of a surge protection system is often more important than the actual equipment. Without proper installation, your investment could be wasted. Companies like Gulf Coast Electric install quality systems to ensure the utmost protection for your home and belongings.

Although not required, surge protection systems increase the lifespan of electronics and protect your home from electrical damage. Companies like Gulf Coast Electric offers whole house surge protection, installation and information. For more information about finding a quality system for your home, call or visit Gulf Coast Electric.