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Common Commercial Electrical Issues

Most commercial electrical issues happen behind our businesses’ walls, making them difficult to trace and understand. Taking the time to familiarize yourself with some of the most common electrical problems for commercial buildings will give you a sense of what kind of issue you might be dealing with. To help, Gulf Coast Electric has compiled a quick list of the most common commercial electrical wiring issues you should know about! 

Loose Wiring 

If you have loose, faulty wiring at your switches or outlets, it likely is due to poor installation. One way to tell if this is an issue in your business or facility is to check for burning or sizzling sounds. If you hear these sounds, it’s important to not let too much time pass by. Ask a certified electrical technician to look at the source of the sounds (or smells) as soon as possible. Loose wiring is known as an electrical fire hazard.

Old Wiring 

Like all other types of technology, wiring experiences wear-and-tear, even if we can’t see it happening. Just because our wiring is behind walls and “out of sight, out of mind,” doesn’t mean it isn’t working hard to maintain our comfort everyday!

Old wiring is another very common issue within the commercial electrical world. This issue isn’t always a localized one, either – a lot of the times, old wiring can cause issues all the way from your meter box to an outlet. 

If your business or facility is running in an old building, it’s important to ask an electrician to check the health of your wiring annually. This saves you the hassle of having to ask for an emergency evaluation which can take longer than you’d like.

Circuit Overload

Circuits overloads take place when you exceed the rated load for a line of electricity. For example, a circuit might have three outlets but that doesn’t mean it can handle that many loads of power-draining simultaneously. Over time, this can lead to a tripped circuit breaker, which is caused when too much electric current flows through a given line. 
If you are unsure what a circuit breaker is, think of it as a device made to protect your electrical system. It shuts off automatically when there is too much electricity. If you find your circuit to trip repeatedly, it might be time to call your electrician to see if there can be stronger outlets that can sustain multiple devices or appliances at once. 

Light Switches and Bulbs

Common throughout all residential and commercial buildings, flickering lights are a telltale sign that you’re experiencing electrical problems and that they shouldn’t be ignored. However, for most electricians, light switches that no longer work suggest loose wiring. This, again, shows the importance of scheduling maintenance annually to check the state of your electrical system. An electrician will help you find the root of a problem that started as one flickering light and then turned in a costly repair. 

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