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4 Ways You Can Save Electricity In Your Office

Energy efficiency is something we often only associate with our home lives. One of the last things people think about at work is how they can save power – usually because they don’t have control of the way their work place uses energy. But here are four surprising ways you can save electricity in your office.

Manage your computer’s power settings

It’s a safe bet your computer uses plenty of energy throughout the day. While you can’t switch to forwarding those company emails via carrier pigeons, you can change your computer settings to be more efficient. Instead of leaving your computer on during lunch, set your computer to hibernate whenever you’re inactive for periods of time. In addition, make sure you remember to turn off your computer at the end of the day.

Print wisely

If you work at an office, you probably print things on a regular basis. If you can avoid printing whenever possible, you’ll save paper and energy! When you need to print, try to adjust your page settings so you can use as few pages as possible.

Take the stairs

No matter how fit you are, chances are you still secretly prefer to take the elevator. Using the stairs will not only help you stretch out your legs from sitting at your desk all day, but it will also help save a chunk of energy. If you do need to take the elevator, try to time it to when someone else needs to use it to avoid multiple trips.

Efficient kitchen

To save energy in the kitchen, use a microwave instead of an oven (if your office has one) to reheat food. Microwaves use around 50 percent to 65 percent of the energy ovens use. If you can, try to skip using kitchen appliances altogether by packing a no-heat lunch.

Recently, people have begun to understand that maintaining our environment is fundamental to our happiness and our existence. Energy efficiency is something most people try to strive for but find difficult to remember throughout their day. You may not think about making smart energy choices when you’re at work, but saving energy at work is a significant way to make a difference.

For more tips on saving electricity check out our household tips and contact Gulf Coast Electric, we serve Destin, Niceville, Panama City Beach, Mary Esther and more Florida communities.