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4 Electrical Repairs You Shouldn’t Do Yourself

We all love a good do it yourself (DIY) project. DIYs are great for saving some money here and there and letting your creative juices flow. However, nine times out of 10, the project or repair ends up taking you 1000% times longer to complete than your expectations. Furthermore, there are some home projects and repairs that require professional expertise. Whether they are complex and need a lot of time and detail or just outright dangerous, many electrical repairs should not be on your list of DIY tasks. Here are four electrical projects you shouldn’t do yourself.

Any wiring with the power on

Although you might see a YouTube video of experienced electricians working with hot wires, this by no means makes it is safe for you to do the same. Electricians have had years of training and experience to work with hot wires with confidence.

Repair appliances

As long as it is unplugged, an appliance can’t electrocute me, right? Wrong. Most large appliances have a device in them called a capacitor to help boost the startup. Although your appliance is unplugged, there is still an electrical charge in the capacitor, and touching that with any metal object while trying to fix it won’t end well.

Stay away from the service lugs

This one is simple – if you’ve never heard of service lugs and don’t know what they do, then you shouldn’t be doing any kind of repair in your breaker box.

Mess with the weatherhead

A weatherhead is normally a large metal pole that connects your house to the electrical service lines out front. This metal pole has 200 amps of electricity going through it. Therefore, don’t be inclined to fix a few loose bolts and screws. This is a job for a professional.

If you are in need of any of these repairs, PLEASE contact the professionals at Gulf Coast Electric or another professional electrical repair company.